Mia Khalifa

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The Beautiful Mia Khalifa has been hardening cocks since her rise to porn stardom. Famous as the hijab porn star, her Arab-American heritage has brought her both controversy and fame. But this triple-D porn fireball has become a fap-worthy women's rights icon, tackling some controversial topics and showing the world that she not only has big boobs but she has big balls too. From becoming the number one pornstar on Pornhub, surpassing industry legends like Lisa Ann, and sucking cock in a hijab, Mia Khalifa has been on the tip of everyone's tongue.

Little beauty Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but raised in the United States. Miss Khalifa moved to Texas to get her degree so she has a big brain to match those big boobs. She is a proud sexy geek. In fact, she prefers her boys to be smart, and if he's a gamer, that's even better. Big tits, big brains and big balls … the only thing that isn't great about Mia Khalifa is her height. At a tiny 5'2 “height, she barely needs to kneel to give a blowjob. But we love it when she gets on her knees, because Mia can suck the chrome off a tow hitch. In fact, her favorite sex act is giving a! Blowjob! What great blowjobs and cocks he has done.